Wedding Ceremony


A celebrant led wedding ceremony can take place anywhere and be as creative and romantic as the couple desire. Celebrant ceremonies can be held in gardens, marquees, on boats, in castles, and on beaches.

If you are on a tight budget then a celebrant led wedding in your own home or a more unusual location, can be very special. A useful tip is you will need 10-12 square feet per seated guest to allow for walkways etc.

A civil ceremony can be as dignified and serious as a church wedding, but with the religious element replaced by words and music that have real meaning for the couple.

The words said at the civil ceremony are known as the "Declaratory Words". A couple will still need to go to a Registry Office or licensed venue to say the "Contracting Words" for the marriage to be recognised in law and for the marriage certificate to be issued. More and more people choose to do this separately, making their day unique and very different.



Renewing Vows


Renewing your wedding vows is a sentimental and symbolic way of celebrating your love. These are very beautiful ceremonies and can be private or as big as you wish and can take place anywhere.


It is not a legal ceremony. So a license is not required and paperwork is not needed.  However, we do ask to see your marriage certificate to confirm that you are already married.